Targeting serious intestinal disease at its source



About us

Curileum Discovery Ltd is an emerging regenerative medicine company in London discovering and developing drugs targeting serious inflammation at its source by correcting imbalances in cell production and function.


Regenerative medicine holds promise to revolutionise patient care by repairing or replacing damaged cells and restoring integrity and function to tissues.

Stem cells are rare cells in the body responsible for life-long tissue renewal.

Curileum is targeting defective stem cells as a curative approach for serious gastrointestinal diseases.


“Curileum is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to discover and develop new drugs to restore health to the gut barrier, protecting against the consequences of harmful bacteria and chronic disease.”

Jeff Moore
Founder & CEO

Our approach

We discover and validate novel therapeutic targets by comparing the in vitro properties of stem cells from healthy and diseased intestinal tissues to reveal the triggers of cell production and new targets for intervention.



The problem

Degradation of the single cell lining of the intestine leads to disease. Bacterial toxins permeate mucosal tissue and activate potent inflammatory responses.

Our solution

Instead of treating disease symptoms in the $35bn gastrointestinal market, Curileum is targeting stem cells to correct imbalances in the numbers and functions of cells to restore intestinal health.

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Therapeutic areas

Seal The Mucosal Barrier

Harmful bacteria and chronic disease degrade the mucosal barrier

Diabetes and obesity

Kill Defective Stem Cells

Chronic inflammation and ageing can select for defective stem cells

Inflammatory bowel disease

Increase Gut Motility

Reduced pacemaker cells and chronic inflammation leads to slow motility

Diabetes and obesity

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